Pirellone Motorola

Pirellone Motorola, Milan




circa 2005


The Motorola Architectural Multiprojection event on the Pirelli Skyscraper was a challenge from a technical and creative point of view.

The project was the brainchild of Tcommunication and Motorola, which resulted in one of the most extensive multi-projections ever carried out on a skyscraper with such large glass surfaces and such a significant size. A real intrusion into the city of Milan.

This operation, although of an advertising nature, is part of Paolo Buroni’s artistic journey of virtual transformation with images of the urban landscape.

In addition to the aforementioned difficulties, I was faced with a unique possibility of positioning the projection technology a good 200 metres away from the building.

Crucial was the support of the Tcommunication staff, who not only conceived and promoted the event, but also managed to overcome all the logistical and bureaucratic obstacles associated with such a complex operation.