Sea Light Invaders

The sea becomes a stage and colour palette of lights and images.

In these dream boats, virtual images on the walls cross the vision of the owners. Stark puts the most innovative architectural projection and ‘lnteractive Experience‘ technologies available today at the service of art and entertainment.

Every space is alive with new, extraordinary worlds.


Interactive scenarios take shape inside the vessel, generating an ever-changing space.

The virtual scenery envelops the staircase and the bridges, covering an area of hundreds of square metres and spanning tens of metres in height. The windows, glazing and skylight allow you to see the scenery from outside and from above.

Technology is integrated into the furnishings and architecture to reproduce beautiful and elegant settings designed specifically for each surface. With a simple touch, the atmosphere can also be transformed with customised interactive effects.

When not in use, the frosted glass finish makes the technology invisible, resulting in large, elegant glass walls.

The forest becomes architectural and changes the perception of environments by increasing their spatiality,
while guests are accompanied by interactive butterflies throughout the journey.

Stark designs and builds interactive scenarios for yachts and vessels of all kinds, incorporating state-of-the-art solutions and technologies to create evocative settings suspended between real and impossible.

Stark ImageWall

The Stark ImageWall is a unique wall that combines a high-definition screen with a refined ‘holofoil’ finish that gives the screen an elegant, warm appearance and ensures an extraordinary high-contrast display in any ambient lighting situation. Stark ImageWall can be realised in any size and shape, up to hundreds of square metres.


Contemporary creativity is manifested in the innovative furniture design that transforms light and images into a unique and original atmosphere.