Residential / Interior Design

The fluid future of Interactive Design

The combination of design and technology gives shape to the innovative furniture project A series of furnishings designed to dialogue and communicate with the space and those who live in it.

In addition to the scenographic function, possible interactive implementations allow the integration of information and assistance functions.

Every environment changes and shows itself by thrilling those who experience it.


Large sets and spectacular animated graphic effects for real interactive scenarios enrich the most sought-after environments.

Modular and compact constructions adapt to different spaces thanks to the extreme flexibility of installation.

The third-generation interactivity that some products are equipped with makes it possible to achieve extraordinary effects that react to the movement of people, the contents of which can be customised according to the project, leaving no limits to the imagination.

Design lives and feeds on imagination, giving life to projects of beauty destined to amaze.

Stark realises modular design and technology projects for residential environments and living spaces.