Immersive Art & Culture

Surprise, Amaze, Thrill.

Space becomes narrative, dynamic, interactive, engaging, transforming environments into technological evolutions in which to narrate and thrill. The Museum Rooms come to life and are transformed into places of wonder thanks to the most advanced visual communication technologies.

Stark puts its experimental know-how and technology at the service of art and culture to create a new experience: that of virtual exhibitions.


Hands on with Culture. Creating interactive scenarios and generating constantly moving spaces. Art takes on a different form, becoming an all-round experience in which to immerse oneself.

Turning an artwork into a show arouses the curiosity of visitors, both adults and children, which is stimulated and satisfied by playful and engaging moments.

With Stark Technology, important artistic, historical and cultural aspects of places, works and authors can be represented and enhanced in a fascinating and innovative way for an intense and real enjoyment of the proposed route.

“The Work of Art is revealed in its entirety. Multimedia installations create emotional pathways and place the cultural element in an evocative context, where interactive technology allows the discovery of hidden details evoking the underlying genius loci.

Stark designs and realises multimedia installations, interactive digital technologies that support museum and cultural itineraries by enhancing the promotion and gain of knowledge and artistic heritage, conceiving dreamlike spaces under the banner of beauty and wonder for immersive storytelling.