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Architectural projectors
Proiettore Architetturale, Proiettore per edifici, Stark Live Pro

With Stark Live Pro it is possible to completely change the image of buildings and entire architectural spaces, not only with colours but with the possibility of drawing on the entire world of photographic imaging.

It has a frame capacity doubled to one hundred, an advanced auto-programming system and even quieter operation.

Stark Live Pro has been the star of both museum installations and major national and international shows and events including the Beijing Olympics, the Universiade in Izmir, the Winter Olympics in Turin and the Inter-Milan derby at San Siro.


The SCROLLER – OBJECTIVE unit comprises the microprocessor electronics, the 4-motor positioning-drag system. The 2-motor DMX focusing system, DMX input, programming keyboard and digital display.
The SCROLLER is easily detachable from the projector housing by means of spring clips. It allows us to assemble the film-roll and program the multi-image in a completely autonomous and convenient manner.


4 motors with digital positioning.
DMX precision autofocus with 2-stepper motors.


Frame change 6 x 7 = 0.5 sec. approx.


Digital film scroller 6X7 (standard).


Format 6×7 = 80 frames on high temperature film, with digital positioning.


Programmable DSP microprocessor board with digital display, keyboard and DMX input. Communication between projectors in rs 485 with the possibility of connecting more than 100 projectors simultaneously with a single cable, even over long distances.



Compatible lenses

Technical specifications

Compact all-in-one construction with built-in ballast and transformer assemblies made entirely of anodised aluminium alloy.

– Optical unit and lenses sized for maximum quality and brightness.
– Forced cooling with 3 fans.
– Drive with 4 microprocessor-controlled motors.
– Can be mounted either suspended with bracket and swivel joint or on a table top with adjustable feet.


– Hmi discharge lamp
– 2000 w exclusive Extra Bright function
– Colour temperature correction filter
– Continuous scrolling speed
– Capacity up to 70 frames
– Automatic programming system
– External calibrated and balanced dimmer (accessory)
– Internal shutter
– Demo – autoplay – autoscrolling function
– Electronic film scroller 6 x 7
– 6-channel dmx control
– Openable scroller for easy film installation
– Constructed of anodised aluminium alloy
– Dimensions: 52 cm x 39 cm x 23.5 cm h –
– Weight: 36 kg


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