Stark Cannon

Stark Cannon, proiettori architetturali, proiettore di fasci luminosi

Stark Cannon

Architectural projectors

Stark CANNON is a high-power beam projector.

The large projections of white beams of light in the sky and clouds are visible from miles away, ideal for drawing attention to the place where it is used, such as buildings, monuments, sports facilities or natural sites.

Stark CANNON combines great power and innovation in the field of lighting technology by projecting an impressive, large, sharp beam of light capable of reaching great distances. The strong, bright beam of light crosses the sky thanks to 2000 watts of power and exclusive brightness boosting functions.

The aluminium construction makes this device particularly suitable for use in all environments, as it also features protection against water and low or high temperatures.

Technical specifications

– Hmi discharge lamp
– 2000 w exclusive Extra Bright function
– Anodised aluminium frame
– Outdoor covers
– Dimensions: 81 x 32.5 x 33.5 cm
– Weight: 38kg


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