Imagewall Series


Imagewall Series

Stark ImageWall is a luxurious and elegant media wall that combines a refined finish with a high-definition screen.

Stark ImageWall can be realised in any size and shape up to surfaces of even hundreds of square metres.

Thanks to its reduced thickness and full frontal maintenance, it can be installed on any surface: straight, curved or uneven.

In Ceiling and Floor configurations, it can become a virtual top or an interactive floor.

Stark ImageWall, when not active, presents a satin-finished and elegant surface thanks to the exclusive Stark Holofoil finish that also conceals all of the technology; when active, it allows the realisation of large scenes and spectacular animated graphic effects, including interactive.

Thanks to its modular and compact construction, it allows the creation of ultra-thin screens of any size with extreme installation flexibility.
In the interactive version, it combines elegant graphic decorations with spectacular interactive effects such as
virtual 3D water.

The system’s third-generation interactivity allows for extraordinary effects that react to people’s movement, the contents of which can be customised to suit the project, leaving no limits to the imagination.

The finish can be produced in different shades and materials, depending on the requirements of the project.

The customised construction of customisable units allows even irregular surfaces to be covered in the best possible way.


– Definition: from P 0.9
– Thickness: 95mm (can be reduced on request)
– Absorption from: 500 w
– Service life 100,000 hours
– Modular size: unlimited
– Can be installed on ceilings, floors, walls and on curved and uneven surfaces
– Weight from: 30 kg per square metre


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    Imagewall Series

    Art in motion
    A decorative wall, a different light source, an interactive effect to experience and to amaze.
    The light moves smoothly as people pass by. The elegant wall becomes a living picture.

    Curved e Flexible

    Imagewall Series

    A technology that makes it possible to build curved and flexible multimedia walls. A solution to integrate video walls into a curvy design or to follow the shapes of a particular architecture.