Stark Hostess

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Virtual Hostess. Stark Hostess is an interactive holographic system, a realistic life-size virtual figure.
The system consists of a high-brightness, high-definition holographic projection, which is ideal for companies, museums, shops, banks, department stores and offices of all kinds, and makes it possible to communicate to customers in an innovative way by broadcasting films, messages, illustrating commercial offers or giving directions. All with content customisation.

It can be used at the entrance of a convention or as a welcome in hotel or airport lobbies. Contents and messages are customisable and programmable.
Stark Hostess can then become a holographic avatar that has the appearance of a real human being, as it is threedimensional and interactive.
Thanks to its sensors, it detects human presence and activates its functions by capturing the user’s attention with targeted messages.

The interactive hologram autonomously manages the projection system, switching on and off, is controlled and managed wirelessly, and its sophisticated automatic presence system allows it to interact with the user in real time.

Other information

Every customisation of the holographic avatar is possible: it is available in various types and specific figures, such as testimonials, famous or cartoon characters and historical figures suitable for a context such as a library or an interactive emotional museum can be used on request.
Stark Virtual Hostess is easy to install and its dimensions are the most compact on the market, with only 40 cm depth.
QR reader, rfid and external touch screens are also available to interact with the virtual hostess in a completely comprehensive manner, catalysing customer attention and optimising the outcome of promotional initiatives. Visual communication has a great impact on the audience, offering a viable alternative to the usual video peripherals.

Technical specifications

– Wireless piloting and setting
– Automatic projection and shutdown management
– Autosensing, dynamic self-calibration
– Automatic presence detection system
– Solid state disc
– Simple maintenance
– Measurements: 59 x 39 x 180 h cm, 36 kg


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