For over 30 years, Stark has been inventing and reinventing visual communication languages at the service of art and interactive entertainment, using its own products and patented solutions.

Creativity and technology coexist in the same dynamic company.

For 30 years, Stark has been reinventing visual communication languages and designing advanced 3D technologies through continuous research and experimentation. A dynamic Italian company with diversified know-how: two main branches, the first deals with the production of artistic content and major international events, the second with the production of exclusive and patented technologies for 3D special effects and interactive immersive installations.
Stark puts the most innovative architectural projection and ‘Interactive Experience’ technologies available today at the service of art and entertainment, business and the corporate world.
With numerous international patents, Stark’s systems confirm its world leadership in projectors for multivision, large image and maxi projection, holograms and ultra-defined screens. In its ten-year journey, Stark has won the trust of the most prestigious clients including: Vege’, Audi, Luxottica, Bmw, Mastercard, Inter, Milan, Rai, Mediaset, Beijing Olympics, Turin Film Museum, Uffizi Museum, Gardaland, Presidency of the Council, Gazzetta dello Sport, and established important partnerships such as with Ferrari.

Today Stark is an important consolidated company revolving around an exceptional ‘Family Team‘: Sabine Lindner, graphic designer and artist, Alex, creative designer and Alice, architect and project design. The team is led by Paolo Buroni, Stark’s visionary founder and visual designer. Together they form the creative backbone of Stark, the fundamental nucleus of a company built on the excellence and professionalism of the many collaborators who carry on the winning intuition of the Buroni family, with
whom they share their successes and projects every day.


Audi, Bmw, Mastercard, Rai, Mediaset, Uffizi Museum, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Gazzetta dello Sport and Ferrari are just some of the prestigious clients who have chosen Stark.


Stark reinvents and interprets visual and multimedia communication languages and new syntaxes: emotional direction and product technology coexist in one company.


Stark runs the artistic direction of large spectacular events and puts its multimedia technologies at the service of the productions, working across different fields. Technological know-how and various interactive products are used in several sectors: