Stark Matrix Touch

Tavolo Interattivo, Stark Matrix Touch, sistemi interattivi, proiezioni 3D


Interactive Systems
Tavolo Interattivo, sistemi interattivi, Proiezioni 3D, tavolo 3D, tavolo multimediale

Amplify the tactile experience of guests and visitors with an interactive Stark MatrixTouch system with object recognition.

It is a stand-alone interactive table, which allows interaction with objects and communicates with videos, images and interactive paths the objects displayed and touched by visitors.

An integrated projection system and a powerful 3D graphics processing system as well as interaction for quizzes and guided interactive tours.

The Stark Matrix Touch system is a stand-alone interactive system that allows you to interact with objects in a surprising and spectacular way. The system is the ideal solution for museums that want to engage their visitors in an active and emotional way.

The system allows you to pick up objects placed on a table or other surface and receive all the information about that object in a personalised manner.

The new generation Stark Matrix Touch also includes the possibility of creating and customising real educational paths to amplify the edutainment and gamification experience.
Possible situations of use from museums to exhibition fairs, from retail to department stores, or in environments where information is to be provided in a futuristic and innovative way.


The customer will find the objects displayed on the table immersed in a customised setting.

The user only needs to pick up an object to get more information through sound, text, images and video.

Instantly, not only will the description of the object appear in text form, but the ingredients of the object can also be displayed in the form of images that will also tell how the product is made in a graphic and elegant manner.

It can be used not only on a table but also on the floor for educational or advertising purposes. In such cases, screens of many square metres may be possible.

In addition to the possibility of touching the objects with one’s own hand, the system allows the scientific content and information of the objects to be communicated in an engaging manner.

The Stark Matrix Touch system is the evolution of the Stark Matrix series from which it takes the futuristic design and the powerful and versatile 3D engine.

Possibility of use: Museums, showrooms, conferences, points of sale, shops, etc.

Technical specifications

  • All in one
  • Plug & play
  • Stand alone
  • Wireless Control
  • Integrated touch function
  • 3D Multi-Sensor Tracking
  • Dimensions: 135 (l) x 100 (d) x 270h cm
  • Height-adjustable table (standard 75h cm)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Simplified installation with compact adjustable bracket included


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