Hologram Open Frame

Hologram Open Frame

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The holographic effect is realised with the special UltraBright technology that offers exceptional brightness and very high definition.
The Stark UltraBright system, through sophisticated image processing, allows the 3D effect to be viewed without the use of glasses. Thanks to the Ultrabright effect, the technology is practically invisible and offers great spectacularity even in bright environments.
From the life-size hologram to the display system, there are various models and sizes for every need.
Stark has already realised and patented many unique products and acquired an important leadership position internationally.
Interactive technology for interacting with objects and holographic representations is also available.

Other information

Possible uses:

  • Museums, theatres, events, etc.
  • Reproduction of a historical character, reproduction of sculptures, objects, statues, theatre performances, etc.
  • Communication messages in general
  • 3D presentation of their products
  • Three-dimensional simulation of an architectural project
  • 3D virtual exhibition of an unavailable original (ancient artefact, vase, jewel, building, etc.)

Technical specifications

  • Ultrabright special feature
  • Image size: 21″ – 90″.
  • Other dimensions and formats can be made on request.
  • Size: from 51 x 36 cm to 230 x 125 cm depending on the model
  • Orientation: horizontal or vertical.
  • Available definitions: Full HD, 4K


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