We Turn the story
of each brand

The Company tells its story and shows itself through plays of light, 3D images, virtual projections, in which real and dreamlike come together to give shape to the story of each Brand. The constantly changing space, between veiled and unveiled, is shaped by lights and projections to create new imaginative places. Stark puts the most innovative graphic and three-dimensional technologies at the service of each brand to create a show that celebrates and exhibits.

Every company is the story of a dreamer who believed in it, and with Stark we tell its genesis and evolution.


Large scenographic walls and video mapping speak of the company and turn its values and mission into shows, making the products and philosophy immediately tangible to customers and visitors, with innovative and virtual languages.

Architectural projectors, emotional videos, 3D mapping and holographic systems celebrate the company’s reality, creating evocative and immersive spectacles on a wide variety of surfaces: from skyscrapers to historical buildings, from industrial plants to rock faces.

The challenge is to enhance the brand with three-dimensional effects using visual scenography of great emotional impact, realising unique productions that involve spaces at 360°.

Space becomes a stage for displaying and telling the story of each company’s journey, space is a fluid place
where the synchrony of images, music and evocative noises create the idea of total immersion in the desired
atmosphere in which to identify. total immersion in the desired atmosphere with which to identify.

Stark designs and realises interactive projection systems, interactive scenarios and holographic systems for companies and brands, at events, trade fairs, exhibitions and anniversaries, creating suggestive plays of light and colour.