Stark New Theatre


Architectural projectors
Stark New Theatre, Proiettore per interni, proiettori architetturali, mapping, proiettore per teatro

The STARK New Theatre architectural indoor projector, while having the same basic features as the StarkLive architectural projector, is optimised for theatres and indoor spaces.

It is equipped with a silenced cooling system and has the option of an electronic ballast to drive the high-power discharge lamps that the projector is equipped with.

NewTheatre is an effective architectural projector for architectural mapping in theatres, museums and television studios thanks to its extremely high light performance with image precision and high contrast combined with silent cooling systems.

For use indoors and in theatres, it can also be supplied with a sophisticated CMY colour changing function to add a wide range of colour effects to projected images.

This model, like all others, can use the entire set of lenses and accessories.

As an alternative to film, all projectors can be fitted with a ‘PortaGobos‘ accessory that allows two large 55mmx70mm (or one 140mmx55mm) Gobos to be managed in DMX.



The SCROLLER – OBJECTIVE unit comprises the microprocessor electronics, the 4-motor positioning-drag system. The 2-motor DMX focusing system, DMX input, programming keyboard and digital display. The SCROLLER is easily detachable from the projector housing by means of spring clips. It allows us to assemble the film-roll and program the multi-image in a completely autonomous and convenient manner.


4 motors with digital positioning.
DMX precision autofocus with 2-stepper motors.


Frame change 6 x 7 = 0.5 sec. approx.


Digital film scroller 6X7 (standard).


Format 6×7 = 80 frames on high temperature film, with digital positioning.


Programmable DSP microprocessor board with digital display, keyboard and DMX input. Communication between projectors in rs 485 with the possibility of connecting more than 100 projectors simultaneously with a single cable, even over long distances.



Compatible lenses

Technical specifications

– Hmi discharge lamp
– 2000 w exclusive Extra Bright function
– CMY mixer colour
– Colour temperature correction
– Continuous adjustment of scrolling speed
– Image capacity: up to 80 frames
– Automatic programming system
– External calibrated dimmer (optional)
– Internal shutter
– Remote and automatic focus
– Demo function
– Autoplay
– Autoscrolling
– Dmx control of up to 16 channels
– Silenced cooling
– Electronic ballast (optional)
– Electronic film scroller 6 x 7
– Openable scroller for easy film installation
– 16-bit calibrated speed and positioning control
– Made of anodised die-cast aluminium
– Dimensions: 52 cm x 39 cm x 23.5 cm h
– Weight: 36 kg


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