Well-being changes shape and involves all the senses

From an immersive and emotional environment to windows looking out onto virtual worlds.

The world of wellness, spas and hotels is enriched with new experiences through sensory interactivity.

The hospitality experience is constantly evolving, dynamic spaces change colour and shape in a holistic dimension of relaxation and imagination.


Amplifying the senses and making the wellness experience unique and all-encompassing.

Inside wellness centres and spas, the installation of interactive and scenographic walls with very high luminosity help to increase the benefits of treatments for guests and project them into a new dimension of wellness.

Accommodation facilities are enriched with new stimuli and experiential experiences for their guests.

Alternating images, melodies and other possible forms of sensory interactivity make the wellness journey dynamic, transforming it into something different each time.

The senses, enveloped in warm scents, ancestral sounds and dreamlike images, are ready to welcome holistic treatments.

Stark designs and implements 3D technologies and three-dimensional projections for wellness centres, spas and accommodation facilities, incorporating innovative solutions and products to create emotional environments.