Stunning sets for every event

The spectacle gains shape and strength by turning spaces into shows. Events are exclusive places of ever-changing imagination.

Architectural projections and interactive technologies are the focus of major national and international events. The space takes the form of a narrative, fluid, engaging and exciting.

Stark puts its direction and creativity and the most innovative technologies at the service of events to create new ways to amaze.


For over 20 years, Stark has been involved in the production of major national and international events. At the service of art and entertainment, the most innovative architectural projection and ‘Interactive Experience‘ technologies available today. With numerous international patents, Stark systems confirm their world leadership in projectors for multivision, large image and maxi projection, holograms and ultra-defined screens, winning the trust of the most prestigious customers. Among the most important partnerships has been the one with Ferrari since 2014, with the design and realisation of the new immersive museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari. Other various collaborations include: Vege’, Audi, Bmw, Mastercard, Inter, Milan, Rai, Mediaset, Beijing Olympics, Turin Film Museum, Uffizi Museum, Gardaland, Presidency of the Council, Gazzetta dello Sport.

Turning an event into a show is the staging of an imaginative narrative that amazes and engages. Holograms,
interactive technologies and multi-vision systems welcome visitors into a new, creative and dynamic space.

Stark designs the creative direction of exclusive events and implements advanced technologies of architectural projections and interactive experiences to make each event unique and stunning.