Stark Matrix

Sistemi interattivi, sistemi interattivi a pavimento, proiezioni interattive, proiettori a pavimento, proiezioini 3D


Sistemi interattivi a pavimento, proiezioni 3D, Sistemi interattivi museo, proiettori interattivi museo

Stark Matrix is an interactive system that allows you to create magnificent effects as a person passes over images or videos projected on the floor. In the updated version, the effects are customisable and realised with highquality 3D technology.

Thanks to the quality of the graphic effects that can be installed and customised, the Stark Matrix system offers the possibility of creating spectacular situations with a wide variety of effects. Being modular, the system can be extended to surfaces of any size. Available with projectors from 4,000 to 35,000 lumens.

Stark Matrix is a system that allows a person to create magnificent 3D technological effects on projected videos or images.

Other information

Stark Matrix is a new 4th generation Floor interactive system ‘All in One and Plug & Play‘.

With the Stark Matrix 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 versions, the system can be installed in a matter of minutes by attaching a bracket to the ceiling or by means of an American-style aliscaff fitting. Stark Matrix encapsulates an integrated projection system and a powerful 3D graphics processing facility in a futuristic form.

The technology also includes a fully customisable and programmable children’s game library.

Technical specifications

– Wireless setting control and management
– Automatic projection and shutdown management
– Autosensing, dynamic self-calibration
– Dual tracking technology
– Reduced maintenance
– Measurements: 49 cm x 36.5 x 22.5h
– Luxury case

Outdoor version available


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