Design Terrae festival in Tolentino – CONNECTIONS

From 7th to 15th July, at the Castle of the Rancia in Tolentino will take place the second edition of the Design Terrae Festival, a sieries of appointments with personalities, performances and valuable stories.

The appointments are many: starting Friday 7th July with SPARK, the spark that ignites dreams, an evening-show hosted by Arianna Porcelli Safonov. Relevant voices and personalities will propose experiences and ideas in which the ability to connect facts, cultures and people constitutes a decisive wealth; a common thread that will characterize not only the evening but also all subsequent events of the Design Terrae Festival. The spectacular performance of the Compagnia dei Folli and the immersive sets of Stark1200 will light up the evening and captivate the audience.

Event: Festival
Date: 7th July 2023