Beijing CCTV Tower Olympics

Olympic Games 2008






On the occasion of the Games of the XXIX Olympics in Beijing, Paolo Buroni realised the largest multi-image ever realised on a skyscraper, a Guinness World Record projection.

During the pre-Olympic event, held in the presence of the most important Chinese authorities and the Italian ambassador, four façades of the gigantic building covering an area of over 45,000 square metres were frescoed.

The architectural multi-projection event on Beijing’s 234 m high CCTV Tower is a creative, technical and innovative challenge of the first magnitude.

The project realised for Nike is among the most complex and challenging, as it involved large glass surfaces from a great distance.

The images to be projected were divided into eighty parts and then combined with high-precision graphic processing and a complicated series of calculations and tests in order to obtain the perfectly reconstructed image.

In order to realise this projection over such a large area, 80 special Stark projectors were used, due to their great power and quality.