World Ski Championship 2009






In addition to the delegations’ performances, during the Opening Ceremony of the World Ski Championships, the Mountain was invaded by huge images in three dimensions with a ‘Spatial‘ Multivision by Paolo Buroni using innovative technology.

For the opening night, a large multi-image by Paolo Buroni was projected with new technology, which extended over the entire finish area down to the snow of the slope, the scene of the World Championships.

The mountain, the slope and the snow itself acted as a screen and were incorporated in a weaving and overlay of fading images with synchronised music.

The event took place in the magnificent setting of Bormio, where an innovative and sophisticated multi-projection apparatus was installed. Using 25 special Stark projectors, it was possible to cover the vast white surfaces with huge animated images, shaping the mountain into a huge virtual stage set.

The multi-projection, directed by Paolo Buroni and from an idea-project by Tiziana Bezzi, began with elaborations of alpine-themed images and a multiplication of winter landscapes and was the setting for the performances of the delegations from the participating countries.