San Siro

Milan-Inter Derby






At San Siro, Paolo Buroni and Stark put on one of the greatest choreographic shows ever staged in a stadium.

The event, realised on the occasion of the 2003 derby, was broadcast live by SKY with over 20 television stations connected.

For the first time, a space like the stadium was addressed and transformed with a theatrical concept of Light and Space.

In fact, all the structural lighting fixtures of San Siro (over 380) have been the subject of a long and complex study and intervention work in order to make them manageable from a centralised direction.

In particular, all main headlights have been fitted with 252 remote-controlled faders that allow them to be dimmed and reopened in just three seconds.

All this in absolute compliance with the very strict safety regulations of San Siro and with 100% preservation of the original functionality.

Another first is that the gigantic projection (8200 square metres) was made directly onto the grass of the pitch, a complicated surface to project from a great distance.