Ducal Palace






Event within the event is this artistic installation conceived and designed by visual artist Paolo Buroni, one of the most innovative contemporary experimenters.

In his highly personalised multimedia installations, Buroni fuses images with architecture and music, creating a single language.

The aim of the intervention is to give visitors to the Ducal Palace of Urbino the sensation of a multisensory immersion in the images, through the creation of an artistic and scenographic space.

The Multi-image is based on content that emphasises the themes of culture and period linked to the Ducal Palace of Urbino, represented in their most significant aspects.

Altre informazioni

This is also made possible by the use of Stark’s special new high-brightness projection technologies that are used worldwide in major architectural projections.

The third intervention concerns the virtual reconstruction of Federico’s Library, in the same room that once housed it. In this room, the visitor is presented with a reconstruction where virtual and real merge.

The bookshelves are simulated in size with a 16-metre multimedia projection where the virtual books can be browsed virtually at the visitor’s mere gesture in the air, offering their real content in the most spectacular and interactive way. Soft lighting and appropriate sounds accentuate the atmosphere of the LIBRARY as a place of knowledge and culture.