X Factor

X Factor 2017






In this realisation, Stark combines, as in its DNA, creativity and technology.

The star of the episode aired on 5 October on Sky was the Stark Matrix Touch Table, an interactive table designed and produced entirely by Stark.

On the large table in the centre of the stage, images and clips appeared in a specially developed 3D layout.

Alessandro Cattelan managed 80 contestants thanks to a futuristic graphic interface, while sophisticated software in the background kept track of the voting and the progress of the broadcast, allowing the content of the final clip to be automatically directed.

The judges then had the opportunity to select each contestant’s card, complete with photograph and biographical details, with their hands in order to drag, rotate, swipe and, in the case of a non-unanimous outcome, to enlarge it to such an extent that they could view the video of the performance recorded during the auditions.

Once the selections for each category were over, with a simple wave of his hand on the table, Cattelan showed the judges the result of their decisions by displaying the 48 aspiring winners who battled it out in the 11th edition of the X Factor.