Stark is pleased to invite you to the Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous in Viareggio

This year you can have the chance to be in an ‘immersive, emotional and interactive’ where the multimedia and digital installations of Visual Designers Paolo & Alex Buroni, supported by Stark technologies, will envelop you in an extraordinary environment of lights, sounds, images and reflections.
Don’t miss:
– Hall of Reflections: illusion of infinite space with interactive galaxies and skies
– Underwater Hall: Ultra-high definition Stark Image Walls will immerse you in a virtual aquarium
– Music room, music unveiling
– Immersive room – the sea: 360° projection with virtual water effects
– The Jungle: a wild green space in an urban/industrial environment where you can enjoy clouds and virtual skies
– The magic of flipping through images with a hand gesture in the air, completely touchless
– SPECIAL: Exhibition of Sabine Alexandra Lindner‘s collection of ceramic plates created with the 3rd fire technique.

The artist will present an exclusive series of these works dense with colours, unpredictable materials and precious materials.

Event: Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vuos
Date: 9-12 May 2019
Location: Versilia
We look forward to seeing you at Via Coppino 377