Stark will be present with great news at Mets Trade in Amsterdam

Stark is participating in the Mets Trade in Amsterdam with an ‘immersive’ stand where images will flow from the floor to the walls to the ceiling, creating virtual and fantastic environments at will. The traditional walls and ceilings become ‘frescoes’ that can be transformed according to the wishes and preferences of the owner, who can express his or her mood in complete freedom and imagination.

We will also present the ‘Stark Underwater Mosaic’, an unprecedented and spectacular virtual pool created with an interactive Stark Underwater ImageWall integrated into the backdrop.

An interactive virtual mosaic for swimming pools in which the tiles break down and recompose to create virtual images at will.

Event: Mets Trade
Date: 14-16 November 2017
Location: Amsterdam

Enjoy an emotional experience with the new StarkImageWall ultra HD

With this new product, the walls, ceilings, floor and even the bottom of the pool become magical screens of even considerable size that allow you to ‘imagine’ your space in complete freedom.

Alongside these novelties will be the latest versions of classic Stark products such as the Stark Virtual Window, the famous Interactive Touchless Library with Vatican codes, the futuristic Stark Immersive Home Theatre and the new StarkHoloUltrabright holograms.

These screens can be made to measure in any shape and size and thanks to their extraordinarily low thickness of only 8 cm and motorised opening. They can be installed on any surface instead of normal walls.

They are distinguished by their elegant finish and exclusive outer surface coated with the special ‘3D metallic holofoil’ and leather edges. They are characterised by the absence of frames and a customisable shape in any size.